ATLASING: Step Away from the Chaos

by Julie Pauls, Ph.D., PT

$8.99 | 86 pages.

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Quick to read, this book offers practical ways to feel more at home in your own frame. Both frames; your own skeletal frame and the frame where you reside. Pictures and prompts, about posture practices, fill this book. To help gauge your stature, consider trying our 3√ Index. It’s our signature practice that can help you navigate your day.

Most posture advice boils down to “sit up straight!” An arduous goal to attain and an almost impossible one to sustain. Instead, grounded in our experience in physical therapy, we have an approach encapsulated into one word; Atlasing.

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Author Julie Pauls, PhD, PT developed the ATLAS Posture® Approach to share the insights gained from her 35+ years as a licensed therapist combined with her work in Integrative Medicine, including the study of the Alexander Technique.

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