ATLAS Posture® Maps

Guide Your Posture Using Key Anatomical Landmarks

by Julie Pauls, Ph.D., PT

$6.99 | 8 pages.

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Learn to guide your posture using key anatomical landmarks. Using Atlas Posture’s informed mindset you can use principle cardinal directions to help navigate your use in your world of work. These key anatomical landmarks can be applied with the posture skill sets for sitting and standing. This iBook includes maps to help make both sitting and standing more efficient and comfortable.

  • Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?
  • Are you bracing yourself when you work?
  • Do you notice yourself slumping when using your devices?

ATLAS Posture® is here to help. You can learn to navigate your world of work using an informed mindset to guide your natural design of anatomical support.

You activate your inner Guided Postural System (GPS) when your informed mindset applies the Posture Skill Set. Coordination of this internal support system allows your whole body to move with improved economy of motion.

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Author Julie Pauls, PhD, PT developed the Atlas Posture Maps to share the insights gained from her 35+ years as a licensed therapist combined with her work in Integrative Medicine, including the study of the Alexander Technique.

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