A MAP.  YOUR KEY ANATOMY.   A WORK OF ART.   Your ATLAS is the key to navigating your world. Inspired by the design of our skeletal system, ATLAS Posture® highlights the role of the Atlas, the topmost vertebrae, as it supports your head. Our signature system is designed to enhance confidence in your posture via 4 cardinal directions: N, S, E & W.

North = allowing your head to access a “True NORTH” direction as it rests on your topmost vertebrae. South = accessing the SUPPORT of your pelvis & feet at your base during sitting, standing or walking. East = Taking a moment to EXPLORE your economy of motion during activity or at rest. West = noticing yourself in the  WHOLE space around you. Sound simple? The ATLAS Posture® signature system is meant to be quick to access. Yet, it’s an ongoing process. It takes time to learn to tap into the feedback your posture gives you about how to navigate daily  life. Let us be your guide.

Image © ATLAS Posture®