A MAP. YOUR KEY ANATOMY. A WORK OF ART.   Your Atlas is the key to navigating your world. We are inspired by the Atlas, the ring-shaped vertebra at the top of your spine. The key skill, to finding poise in posture, is to find your Atlas “True North”. When your neck is free to move as it is designed it is free to gently nod YES. The Atlas, the topmost joint on the spine, offers support for the head, which allows for a nodding motion. And your head is seated right on top of the spine at the Atlas.

Like a Tootsie Roll on a stick. It’s up high. It’s in the center, where all the “good stuff” is. It’s like Grand Central Terminal up there. Centrally located near all the vital input coming at you. The Atlas provides access between the spinal cord & the brain & lives in the neighborhood where you get all the information to see and hear & smell & taste and where the brain is receiving info to process touch. The interface between what you know & where you want to go.

Atlas isn’t just a business name; it’s pivotal. It is so simple it’s dismissible. Yet, it is the difference between feeling posed and feeling poised. 

The ATLAS Posture® approach is meant to be quick to access. Yet, it’s an ongoing process. It takes time to learn to tap into the feedback your posture gives you about how to navigate daily  life. Let us be your guide.

Image © ATLAS Posture®