The Art of Navigating Anatomy

We explore the key skills to finding poise in posture. Your Atlas is the key to navigating your world. This ring-shaped vertebra at the top of the spine is called the Atlas. Our signature skill revolves around accessing this Atlas for support and direction; your “True North”. When the neck is aligned well the head is free to gently nod YES. This increased freedom of motion travels throughout your frame. Accessing “True North” is the difference between feeling posed and feeling poised. Feeling at home in your own space. 

Our approach is quick to learn yet it is an ongoing process of exploration. It takes time to regain confidence in how posture can help navigate daily life with more ease. Let us be your guide.

Julie Pauls, PhD, PT  

Julie Pauls founded ATLAS Posture® after pioneering the role of physical therapy in the Integrative Medicine Center at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Her experience in Integrative Medicine also includes certification with Alexander Technique International and the International Childbirth Education Association. A member of the American Physical Therapy Association for 40 years, Julie Pauls is also the author of Therapeutic Approaches to Women’s Health & co-author of Quick Reference to Physical Therapy, 2nd edition, as well as iBooks, including her latest, The Pursuit of Posture.

“As soon as [Julie] lay her hands on me her 30+ years of experience were immediately evident. She knew exactly what she was doing. She gave me a ‘posture reset’ which felt a little bit like black magic to me. She wasn’t really doing anything. A gentle touch here and there. I wasn’t doing anything either. But subtle shifts were happening in my body. At the end of it I felt more supple than I had in a long time. And my head was tingling too. It felt like I was growing a millimetre or two.”

-Megan Macedo, Writer and Entrepreneur

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